How to get rid of carpet moths

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How Do I Get Rid Of Carpet Moths & Carpet Moth Larvae?

Carpet Moths can be persistent household pests and we strongly recommend a continual prevention regime. Warmer weather combined with centrally heated homes has led to carpet moth infestations becoming a year-round problem. The larvae cause the damage and carry on eating woolen and other natural fibers all year round. Adult moths are relatively harmless, other than their ability to increase the population of carpet moths dramatically if left unchecked! Carpet moths inhabit less disturbed and darker areas. Behind sofas, along skirting boards, under bookcases are typical hiding places for carpet moth larvae.

How do carpet moths get into your house?

Carpet moths have a strong sense of smell. They are attracted to the scent of fur, silk and hair. Carpets need a food source to grow, so a carpet with wool is the best way to contain the pests. The moth’s larvae eat a protein found in all these substances called keratin. It is a good way to keep your carpets out of the pests in use. If you have a carpet problem, carpet may not be carpeted properly, it’s a good idea to use a carpet.

Getting Rid Of Carpet Moths

We advise a seven-stage process – removal and thorough cleaning, using ‘Moth Fumers’ and spraying a non-staining pesticide on affected and adjacent areas to kill and deter carpet moth larvae. We have plenty more resources on this website to tackle any carpet moth infestation and provide guidance on the right carpet moth treatment. We hope that you find this guide useful – we have plenty of more resources to give you all the facts to tackle your carpet moths infestation. If you suspect an infestation, the number one thought should be, ACT FAST – they are searching for animal fibers such as wool, cashmere and silk which contains the protein keratin – the natural food source for these types of moths…

How to prevent moths infesting your clothes

Moths are attracted to human sweat, hair and body oil that is left on clothing. Therefore, it’s important to wash your clothes before you store them. Put clothes in an airtight bag or plastic container – not cardboard boxes as moths can chew through these. Hang clothing made from natural fibres on cedar hangers – Cedar will repel the moths. You can buy a pack of cedar wood items, for £9.99, from If you have extra extra cedar items in the pockets of the garments if they are long.

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