How to Get Rid of Carpet Moths?

6 Proven Tips  Travis Amos

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Carpet Moths Infestation:  Adult carpet moths do not feed and have a relatively limited lifespan; instead, their main objective is to reproduce  Damage is caused by the larvae that develop from carpet moth larvae.

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Identify the Carpet Moths

Here's What You Need To Do:

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The larvae of the carpet moth are 1/4  to 1/2 inch long, cream in color,  with a darker head. 


Assess the Carpet Moth Infestation

When inspecting carpets or thinner textiles, look for diminished pile or odd holes. 


Cleaning Out Carpet Moth Habitats

A cleaning schedule helps reduce the likelihood of a carpet moth larvae infestation.


Reduce Carpet Moth Breeding

if you choose the appropriate traps and act quickly, you may be able to prevent them from laying eggs on your carpet


 Eradicating Carpet Moth Larvae & Eggs

Spray and powder used together will have an immediate effect and provide effective residual protection for two weeks.


Ongoing Regime

Moths will be drawn to your carpets by human and pet hair, dust, sweat, and food stains; therefore, routine cleaning is necessary.

Once you've gotten the basics and your routine down, keeping your carpets moth free should be easy.

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